How to take care of basil

From autumn to spring, basil needs to be kept indoors until nighttime temperatures are steadily above 7-10 °C.

Potted basil stays fresh for one or two weeks if you keep it indoors before use. Put it in a ceramic plant holder or place it on a plate and find a sunny and warm windowsill. Water moderately, but never let its soil go completely dry. Never leave excess water under the pot.
If you want your basil to keep growing, you have to take it outdoors.

If you keep it on the balcony, it is best to repot it to a bigger pot or a planter box. Basil needs more frequent watering outdoors than indoors; if it is really hot, you may water it every day and add general plant food to the water every second week.

You can also have potted basil in the garden, or you can plant it in open ground, if there is a suitable place sheltered from the wind, with loose soil rich in nutrients. The vegetable garden is also a nice place to plant your basil. When planted in open ground, basil needs watering every day in the heat of the summer. When the leaves start to fade and droop a little, you need to water it immediately.

You can cut the shoots regularly for culinary purposes. It is important that you never cut the stem directly above ground, only the upper, fresh shoots. Basil is an annual plant, so after it has flowered and seeded, it dies. Harvest outdoor basil before the first frosts.