Chili pepper

How to take care of chili pepper

Chili pepper is produced seasonally, and is available in stores and in our garden store only between July and September.

Chili pepper stays fresh for one or two weeks if kept indoors. Put it in a warm and light spot. Put it in a ceramic plant holder or place it on a plate and water moderately. A chili pant with too many peppers may easily fall over, stake it with a stick.

For every pepper on the plant to mature, it has to be taken outdoors.

If you keep it on the balcony, put it in a sunny spot sheltered from the wind. Make sure you don’t damage the roots when you repot it. When outdoors, chili pepper needs more frequent watering, depending on the weather; however, it won’t do any harm if you sometimes let it dry a bit, it encourages further flowering. Chili needs a lot of nutrients (especially nitrogen), so water it with general plant food every week.

Staking is also necessary when you plant it in open ground in the garden. It may grow in any kind of soil, but freshly fertilized, loose and airy soil ensures that your plant will thrive. Chili needs warmth and light, plant it in open ground only in July. Water and weed it regularly in the vegetable garden.

There are many varieties of chili pepper with peppers of various shape, size and colour. Peppers are produced continuously, pick them regularly throughout the summer; harvest all in the autumn before the first frost. Unripe harvested seed ripen if stored in a dry and sunny spot, but they may be preserved or used semi-ripe as well.