How to take care of chives

Chives tolerate extreme soil and weather conditions well.

They stay fresh for one week if you keep them indoors before use. Put them in a ceramic plant holder or place them on a plate and water moderately. Never leave excess water under the pot.

Chives grow fast when it’s warm, and may become leggy. If you want chives to grow slower, put them in a cool place or take them outdoors.

They grow slower if kept on the balcony, but stems will be stronger and tastier. It’s best to plant them in a bigger pot as the more soil there is in the pot, the longer it takes to dry.

If you want to plant them in the garden, do so in late autumn or early spring. As chives are perennial, it’s useful to replenish the soil with nutrients, e.g. with organic manure, before planting them. When outdoors, chives tolerate drought well, but water them regularly if you pick them often. When chives thrive, they start to grow flowers, which are also edible.

Harvest: prune the plant 2-4 cm above ground.

The more often you prune them, the weaker and thinner the stems will grow, as the energy resources are depleted; because of this, add plant food to the water after every pruning, and let the plant “rest” from time to time.