How to take care of mint

Mint grows fast, it tolerates frost and needs a lot of watering.

It stays fresh for one or two weeks if you keep it indoors before use. Put it in a ceramic plant holder or place it on a plate and find a warm and sunny spot for it. Do not let its soil dry completely, water it every second or third day. Never leave excess water under the pot.

If you want mint to live longer, take it outdoors.

It grows fast on the balcony, you will need to repot it from time to time. Water it frequently from the bottom, don’t wet its leaves and use plant food every second or third week.

If the plant starts to grow thin and light green stems appear, it shows that it is not getting enough light; if the bottom leaves turn yellow and fall off, it shows that it is not getting enough water. It easy to “revive” the plant if you replant it to a bigger pot, prune it back to 3-5 cm, and water it thoroughly with general plant food - this way it will sprout new shoots in a few weeks.

In the garden it tolerates partial shade as well. When planting it in open ground, keep in mind that it spreads quickly and may crowd out surrounding plants. You can prevent this by planting mint in its pot. Mint roots don’t grow deep, so it still requires frequent watering outdoors as well. You can leave it in the ground for the winter. Prune it in the early spring before new growth begins.

Mint may be harvested throughout the year. Do not cut the branches at the stem, but above the third-fifth leaf, at about 3-5 cm. If you would like it to grow into a nice bush, cut back the leaves at the same time.