How to take care of oregano

Oregano is a hardy perennial. It is a low maintenance plant.

Oregano stays fresh for three to four weeks if you keep it indoors before use. Put it in a ceramic plant holder or place it on a plate. Water moderately and never leave excess water under the pot.
If you want oregano to live longer, take it outdoors.
It doesn’t need too much care on the balcony. It tolerates drought well, it’s enough if you water it weekly and add general plant food to the water every month. It quickly outgrows its pot, it is advisable to replant it in a larger pot. You can leave it outdoors even in winter; leaves turn dark-red or purple, but this doesn’t affect their taste.

Fertilize the soil before planting oregano in open ground, as it will stay in the same place for several years. Its roots don’t grow deep, so a rock garden might also be a suitable place for it. It tolerates partial shade, but grows best in sun. Prune regularly so that it can grow well. Water it with general plant food after pruning and it will grow new shoots soon.

Fresh shoots may be picked throughout the year - cut the stems 2-4 cm above ground. For optimal growth, prune it two or three times in the summer.