How to take care of leaf parsley

Leaf parsley grows new leaves, even when picked continuously.

It stays fresh for one or two weeks if you keep it indoors before use. Put it in a ceramic plant holder or place it on a plate and find a warm and sunny spot for it. Do not let its soil dry completely, water it every third or fourth day from the bottom and do not wet its leaves. Never leave excess water under the pot.

If you want leaf parsley to live longer, take it outdoors.

Stems will be stronger and tastier if kept on the balcony. The plant needs more water here; add plant food every 2-3 weeks and after pruning. Keep it in a place sheltered from wind until the stem gets stronger.

If you want to plant it in the garden, prepare the soil by loosening and fertilizing it.  Leaf parsley doesn’t need much light, you can plant it in the shade. Regular watering encourages new shoots.

Harvest: pick full-grown leaves with the petiole, use scissors. Make sure not to damage the new buds, so that new stems can grow. Cut only a third of the leaves of a plant at a time.