How to take care of rosemary

Rosemary is a slow-growing and moderately frost-tolerant perennial plant.

It stays fresh for three to four weeks if you keep it indoors before use. Put it in a ceramic plant holder or place it on a plate and find a cool and sunny spot for it. It tolerates drought well, water moderately. Never leave excess water under the pot.

If you want rosemary to live longer, take it outdoors.

It tolerates partial shade on the balcony and in the garden, but it needs sun to grow tasty leaves. A thriving rosemary plant may grow up to 1-1.5 m - you can control it by pruning.

If you consider replanting it, keep in mind that rosemary is not hardy and has to be protected from frost - use portable pots. As it is frost sensitive, planting in open ground is not recommended; plant covers for winter may not protect it from frost. Keep it in a sunny unheated room during the winter, and water moderately, as the plant “rests”. If you cut a shoot in the winter, it only grows back in the spring.

It starts to grow in the summer, and needs more water and nutrients. Water it with plant food every 2-3 weeks from May to September.

Where you pinch off the stem, it will branch out abundantly.

When harvesting, cut above the fifth-seventh leaf from the ground, at about 6-8 cm, so that it will grow into a “nicely-shaped” bush.